Astrology & Birth Chart Readings

All readings are recorded by me and emailed to you in MP3 format.
Payment is by bank transfer after your reading when I send you my UK account details.

Online or Phone Audio Recorded Sessions

  • Birth Chart and Astrology Readings initial reading 90 minutes £75.
    Includes written birth chart summary in PDF format
  • Astro Coaching Sessions for existing clients or ongoing work £40 per hour
  • Astro Oracle Readings £30 per hour. Includes PDF file of cards chosen

Face to Face Consultations

  • 90 minute appointments in London & Kent £90.
    Includes written birth chart summary in PDF format
  • Limited availability


  • Your character, personality and true potential
  • Your personal & professional goals, your career and relationship choices
  • Your health & wealth, finances & family
  • What helps you and what could be holding you back


  • Recent, current and upcoming planetary movements influencing your birth chart
  • Helping you to put things into perspective and get your timing right
  • Make the most of upcoming opportunities
  • Put the past and present into perspective and prepare you for the future
  • Warn you about challenging influences in important areas of your life
  • Understand the energies surrounding key dates and tap into beneficial influences for the launching of important events


For personal, family or professional relationships. Comparing your birth charts to explain what works and what doesn’t between you.


I have designed my own astrology oracle cards and I use them to provide specific guidance and clarity. Guided by you, I draw the cards and use them to interpret what is going on for you. We work together to understand what is really going on and how you can achieve the outcomes you’re looking for. Read more

If you’d like to book a reading with me I will need your birth details:

  • time of birth (if known) – local time am or pm in your place of birth
  • (if you do not know what time you were born we would work with your date & place of birth)
  • place of birth – town and country
  • date of birth – day, month (spelled out in letters) and year

It is very helpful if you can let me know what you’d like me to focus on during your reading. You can give me as much background information as you wish and if you’d like me to compare your birth chart with someone else’s, you will need to let me have the date and place of their birth.

Birth Chart Reports

These well-presented, insightful written interpretations are helpful to refer to. They also make attractive and original gifts – especially for people approaching partnerships or embracing parenthood! Read more …

Payment for Readings & Reports

Prices quoted are for payment in UK Pounds made by bank transfer to my UK account. If you wish to pay through Paypal I may ask you to cover the cost of transfer fees.

Other Services

Astro Articles, Talks & Workshops
Readings for Parties, Special Occasions, Events & Fundraisers

I do not tell fortunes or give psychic readings. My aim is to pass on to you the fascinating feedback and important information provided by your Birth Chart. I focus on your free will choices and potential for positive manifestation. I also alert you to the beneficial and/or challenging planetary influences around you and ahead of you. Your life experiences can then be used to develop coping strategies and creative solutions as you begin to take conscious control of your own destiny.

Please be aware of the limits and terms of my readings, and of this website.

Contact me for more information, or to book a reading